Comparison operators

Type of operators that compare two values. Produce boolean as a result.

List of comparison operators

a == b  # equal
a != b  # not equal

a < b   # less than
a > b   # greater than

a <= b  # less than or equal to
a >= b  # greater than or equal to


Comparison operators are used in conditional statements, loops and anywhere else where boolean is expected.

Comparison in conditional statement

if (x > 10):
  print("Number is larger than 10")
  print("Number is smaller or equal to 10")

The code above will print "Number is larger than 10" if the value of x is an integer larger than 10. Otherwise, it will print "Number is smaller or equal to 10".

Comparison in loop

a = 0
while (a != 7):
  a = a + 1

The code above will print "Hi!" seven times. != is a comparison operator.